Oat Pancakes with Banana and Strawberry Topping for the Quarantine


Hope you all are doing good!

Lets catch a break in this quarantine with delicious pancakes for breakfast!

To stay healthy one can eat tasty food without feeling guilty or stressed about it.

I see a lot of people struggling with eating healthy and most of us loosen up on our diet by either having cheat meals continuously, or by quitting the diet.

So here I bring Oat Pancakes to you, with which you can still stick to your healthy eating and also enjoy your food.

Here is the quick recipe for the Oat Pancakes with Banana and Honey toppings

Ingredients Required

Oats Powder(1 cup)

Protein powder( 1 Scoop) / unsweetened Cocoa powder (2 tbsp) 

Cinnamon powder ( 1 tsp)

Egg white (2)

Honey (2 tsp) ( If you are using unsweetened Cocoa powder) 

Baking powder (½ tsp) – (Optional)

Water (½ cup)

To prepare

Grind the Oats to make Oats powder.

Mix all the ingredients and stir it well. Make sure you keep the consistency of the batter  thick. 

Use a Nonstick Pan with 2 drops of oil. Keep in a low flame. Add one cup of batter onto the pan and leave it for 2 minutes and flip it and cook it further for another 2 minutes.

You can add banana and strawberry slices as the toppings with honey on the top. 

Strawberries can be substituted with your favorite fruit.

Yummy and Tasty Pancakes are ready!

Know What You Eat!

Having Oats as the base is more healthy since they have a low Glycemic index(GI) which is digested slowly in our body and cause smaller glucose spikes and also increasing feeling of fullness as they are high viscosity fibers reducing weight gain.

Cinnamon Powder consists of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties.

Egg whites are rich in protein and cholesterol free.

Honey is the best substitute for sugar, consisting of minerals – sodium and potassium with no protein and fat.

These Oat Pancakes consist of 406 calories with 69 g of carbs, 19 g of protein and 6.2 g of fat with unsweetened cocoa powder and honey.

Using Protein powder, these pancakes consist of 463 calories with 60 g of carbs, 17 g of protein and 5.3 g of fat.

Hope you guys will enjoy the Recipe !

Stay home! Stay Safe!

Stay Tuned for more!

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