Body weight workouts and why are they important during this quarantine.

We are struggling at home to keep up with all our exercise routines that we followed in gyms and through my experience I find body weight exercises to be really helpful in strengthening my muscles.

Without gym equipment or lifting weights , it seems to feel your workout is incomplete.

These body weight workouts can improve your flexibility and above all help you in losing some weight since it’s a combination of cardio and strengthening exercises.

Body weight workouts to follow this quarantine.

Here is the Video on Body weight workouts and how to do them.

  1. Lunges to Jump Squat

                 Begin with a single leg basic lunges position and carry on to Jump squats.

Lunges and Jump squats helps in activating the quadriceps and hamstrings , improving your posture , balance and stability.

Make sure to keep a right posture and do not keep your front knee ahead of your ankle while doing the Lunges in order to avoid straining your knees. Lower your hips , until both the leg are bent at about a 90 degree.

While doing Jump squats, make sure to land on your toes with your heels up, not touching the floor. Do not bend your knees ahead of your ankle while squatting down.

Lunges to Jumps squats will strengthen your lower body including your lower core muscles , glutes and calf muscles, improving your range of motion.

  1. Burpee to Tuck jump

                 Start with a single burpee and continue to a tuck jump.

Burpee is a whole body workout, working on your shoulders, chest, core muscles, hamstrings, legs. This is a great exercise to strengthen your body muscles where you can burn some calories too.

While performing burpee keep your hands to the floor, kick back , chest on the floor and come up.

In case of a beginner , perform a burpee slowly in order to avoid adapting wrong posture. Gradually increase on the rep once the proper postures of burpee is known.

Tuck Jump also known as Knee-chest tuck jump on the other hand focuses on your stubborn belly fat and is a good High Intensity Interval Training(HIIT).

  1. Squat to Push Up

       Start with a single squat and bend down to continue with a single push up.

Squat works on lower body including quadriceps, hamstrings and calves. Do not keep your Knees ahead of your ankle to avoid straining your knee.

Push up on the other hand helps in strengthening your upper body including shoulders chest muscles , triceps.

Make sure your elbows do not go out and is below your chest.

Squat to push up can be a good over all body strengthening exercise working on upper and lower body.

  1. Sprawl to Punches

                 Sprawl down and stand up to punch 4 times.

Sprawl works on hamstrings, glutes, hips and also on shoulders, improving your stamina, speed and core strength.

Do not hyper extend your hips to avoid straining them.

Punches helps in improving shoulder mobility and helps you generate power from your core muscles.

Do not jerk your hand while punching , it can strain your elbows and shoulders.

Sprawl to punches strengthen your upper and lower body. Its a great exercise to work on your explosiveness.

  1. Side Sit Up to Push up

        Start with the side sit up and continue with the push up.

Do not lean your body front while doing side sit ups.

Side Sit up helps in strengthening your hips, legs and knees improving ankle mobility.

  1. Side plank

                 Stay in the side plank position on both your sides for 30 sec each.

Side plank works on obliques which we usually don’t focus on while doing ab workouts. It also helps in strengthening your shoulders, legs and hips.

Do not hyper extend your hips and over extend your hands.

Beginners can place your top leg on the floor and lower your hips a bit and hands on your hips.

  1. Push up plank

         Stay in Push up plank position for 30 sec.      

Push up planks works on strengthening your shoulder and core muscles.

Do not hyper extend your hips or look down. It can lead to straining your hips and neck.

  1. Bunny Hop Burpee

      Start with bunny hop on your ankle with heels up for four times and then do a single burpee.

Bunny hop burpee is a good strengthening workout for your ankles as well calves and quads.

This exercise helps in lower body strengthening, stability and core muscles.

  1.  Jump Squat to Push Up

      Start with a single jump squat and bend down to continue to do a single push up.

Jump squat to push up helps in improving your upper body and lower body strengthening , body posture, balance and stability.

  1. Lunges to Burpee

Start with a Single leg lunges and continue with the burpee.

Lunges to Burpee will strengthen your lower body including lower core muscles, glutes , calves, hamstring and upper body including shoulders, chest , back muscles.

Beginners can start with fewer reps and then can gradually increase on the reps and intensity as well.

Each workout can burn calories and also help in strengthening various muscles in your body.

Once you adapt the proper posture of the exercise , you can increase on the intensity and burn more calories.

 Stay home! Stay safe!

Stay Tuned!

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