Easy and Healthy Breakfast REcipes

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and hence making one, filled with good nutrition is going to cover up a major part of your daily nutrition.

Skipping breakfast is not a good idea because it’s the first thing you eat after 10-12 hours of your last dinner to replenish your depleting glycogen stores.

Breakfast is going to boost your energy and also increase your metabolism for the day.

It also reduces filling up on unhealthy processed food that you might grab onto when hunger strikes up.

So here is an Easy and Healthy Breakfast recipes that you can prepare at home with a good amount of nutrition to begin your day with.

Regular toast with some peanut butter and scrambled eggs

Ingredients required:

Brown bread ( 2 slice)

Natural Peanut Butter( 1 tbsp on each slice of bread)

Banana (4-5 slice on each slice of bread)

Chia seeds ( ½ tsp on each slice of bread)


Milk (3 tbsp)

Salt( ¼ tsp)

Pepper (¼ tsp)

Oregano (½ tsp)

Bell peppers (1 cup)

Butter (1 tsp)

To prepare:

Make a brown bread toast and spread Natural peanut butter with banana slices on it and add Chia seeds as toppings

Add eggs, milk, salt, oregano and pepper and stir them up well.

Add butter and the above mixture on the pan and stir it on low flame for 3  minutes top.

Add bell peppers , salt and pepper and cook it for 4 minutes. Do not over cook it.

This consists of 632 calories with 57 g of carbs, 24 g of protein and 29 g of fat.

Spinach Omelette

Ingredients required:

Spinach (½ cup,chopped)

Eggs (2)

Milk ( 3 tbsp)

Oregano (½ tsp)

Pepper ( ¼ tsp)

Salt (¼ tsp)

Sausage ( 2)

Beans (½ cup)

Carrot (½ cup)

Corn (½ cup)

Butter (1 tbsp)

To prepare:

Add spinach, eggs, milk, salt , pepper and oregano and stir up them well. 

Add butter and the above mixture to the pan and heat on low flame for 3 minutes and fold it in half and cook it for 3 more minutes.

Cook the sausages,  beans and carrots and corn with some salt and pepper for taste. 

Beans and carrots will be 7-8 minutes on a low flame to cook better.

Make sure not to overcook them.

This consist of 432 calories with 30 g of carbs, 23 g of protein and 28 g of fat.

Stay Safe!

Stay tuned for more breakfast and salad recipes on my upcoming blogs!

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