How to eat Healthy and better food on a budget

Eating Healthy sounds fancy but consuming good and nutritious food on a daily basis is not economical.

Following the trends of eating healthy is not as easy as it looks on social media.

Different regions have different vegetables they harvest and buying vegetables that are not easily available is going to be expensive.

There are ways in which we can avoid the unwanted expenses and eat good food at a minimal price.

  1. Plan your weekly food, so that you can do your grocery shopping accordingly.
  2. Use vegetables that are nutritious but also easily available and add as a convenient cost so that you can stick to eating good food for a long time.
  3. Buy in bulk so that you can avoid grocery shopping and spending on unwanted snacks often.
  4. Buy groceries when you are not hungry/ not rushed to avoid binge shopping.
  5. Cook your meal / cut your vegetables at once , store it in your fridge and eat all week, so you know you already have your meal ready and do not have to binge eat on junk due to unavailability of food while you are hungry.
  6. Go easy on your wallet.
  7. Avoid eating out often.

Planning your weekly food

You can always plan and make a list of your grocery items to avoid adding on extra junks.

Planning your weekly meals can save your time as well as impart a sense of discipline to prepare your food and make it a habit to eat at home and avoid often eating outside.

Pick on some healthy recipes! Try making it tasty and different from regular!

Through planning you can keep track of your calories and avoid on unwanted calories.

You can always include cheat meals once/twice a week to stick to your diet.

NOTE for a Happy Mind!

You can always start your fitness routine and eat healthy meals based on your mental preparedness and you do not have to force yourself into it just because people around you are. 

And it’s pretty normal to quit your diet/fitness and get into it all over again. Having a mindset of not quiting/determined to reach your fitness goals is something that you gain in a long time and one should not feel guilty about the sudden binge eating and focus more on getting back into your fitness goal.

Stay Happy! Stay Healthy!

Thank you for reading my blog.

Stay tuned for healthy recipes!

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