Fitness Group Session ( Advance Level )

It’s a 1 hour power packed session with various fitness workouts to uplift your fitness game.

In this Advance level Fitness group Session , Workouts are designed to improve on your current fitness and level up with your stamina and Strength with High intensity workouts.

These workouts will also work on improving your flexibility.

It includes high intensity interval training to work on the cardio. Also Body weight workouts and Strength and conditioning Workouts to build on your strength.

It’s a live session with me , where I will work on your strength and weakness of your current fitness level and help you grow!

Fitness Group Sessions are from 07:00 – 08:00 AM from Tuesday , Thursday and Saturday.

To Sign up on the Fitness Group Sessions (Advance Level) , Fill in the details below

Fitness Group Session (Advance Level)


Monthly ( For 10 Sessions)

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