Fitness Group and Personal training Sessions

It’s a 1 hour power packed session with various fitness workout to uplift your fitness game.

Ranging from Beginner to Advance level , one does not to have worry on the level of the training sessions.

It includes high intensity interval training to work on the cardio. Also Body weight workouts and Strength and conditioning Workouts!


Body Weight Workouts

Bodyweight exercises are strength-training exercises that use the individual’s own weight to provide resistance against gravity.

We are struggling at home to keep up with all the exercise routines , that once we followed in gyms. Through my experience , these workouts have been really helpful in strengthening my muscles.

Without gym equipment or lifting weights , your workout can feel incomplete.

These body weight Workouts can improve your flexibility and above all can help you lose and maintain your weight as it’s a combination of cardio and strengthening Workouts.

Strength and Conditioning Workouts

Cardio can help you losing weight but Strength and Conditioning workouts help in Strengthening and conditioning each body muscles to avoid injuries and to also build your upper body and lower body muscles burning calories.

High Interval Intensity Training

HIIT Helps your burns more calories in lesser time and keeps you energetic. Its a 20/30/40 sec workouts with 10/15 sec break letting you explore the various workouts based on beginner/advance level.

One can add these workouts to lean along with set of workouts to build muscles.

Nutrition and Lifestyle Plan

Only Working and burning out doing all the cardio will not get you your desired weight/fitness goal unless you have a nutrition plan to stick with.

Knowing about what can be eaten and what not can be tricky yet very important. Hence understanding the amount of calorie intake based of energy expenditure per day with required amount of macro nutrients and micro nutrients are necessary.

Martial Arts Group and Personal Training

It’s a one hour power packed one-on-one live session , where I will work on your strength and weakness of your fitness level and help you grow!

In this session , we will work on building your strength and stamina to better up your current fitness level.

Different workouts are designed to work on your balance , flexibility , cardio and strength to help you achieve your desired weight and fitness goal.

You will also learn Basic to Advance level of Boxing , Kickboxing and Muaythai techniques.

  • Learn Boxing Punches (Jab , Cross , Hooks and Uppercuts )
  • Learn Kicks ( Low Kicks, Body Kicks , Face Kicks)
  • Shadow Boxing
  • Combos in Boxing , Kickboxing and Muaythai
  • Balance , Flexibility and Stamina based workouts
  • Strength and Conditioning Workouts
  • Body Weight Workouts


Boxing is one of the oldest form of Martial Arts which still has the popularity among the youngsters.

Focuses on Punches with Attack and Defence technique which requires Speed , agility ,endurance , strength etc.

Training in Boxing works on upper body including your shoulder and forearms and wrist to punch with swift footwork to move around to attack and defend with Combination of Punches.

Hence Overall Boxing training with strengthening workouts can help you tone down and Work on your Fitness.


Kickboxing uses Punches and Kicks giving you an extra advantages over Boxing with more attacks and combinations as you can include Kicks.

This works on your upper body through punches and lower body through Kicks helping you work on the over all body fitness level.


It is an Art of 8 Limbs which includes Punches, Kicks , Knees and Elbows using all the rotatory motion including your hips and shoulders to generate power to attack and defend.

Learning Muaythai can be a great experience as one can work on the overall body muscles and build on your fitness level and your desired body.

This Session will include learning of all the 3 Martial Art form gradually and be fun for the one’s who doesn’t like including only fitness workouts in their routine and also to the one’s who loves Martial Arts.

As it is also a part of Self Defence , it can help you gain knowledge and confidence necessary in how to defend yourself.


Stop Procrastinating! Take charge and begin your Journey in Fitness and Nutrition!

As her student, I’m very pleased with how the personal training is going so far. I opted to learn MMA as a sport to stay fit, but what I got in the bargain is so much more.

It has completely changed my lifestyle, from eating healthier to better sleep patterns, I physically feel 6 years younger, I’ve become more self disciplined, that’s one advantage of training with a professional athlete.

I have come to realize that it is one thing to workout in a gym by yourself and completely different when there’s a coach who is always on the side, motivating and pushing your limits. She is very technical in her approach and will correct you very patiently every time you do something wrong.

She was very quick in noticing my strengths and weaknesses in the first few sessions and knew exactly where she had to focus more and planned the remaining sessions accordingly. Off training she keeps track of my diet and my body measurements and that’s a plus. I’m very glad that I came across her profile and chose her as my coach and my mentor.

~Ankit Karkera

I had a wonderful experience while being trained by you. I really loved your dedication and discipline while training me.

I am looking forward to work out with you again!

~Dikshita Mallya

It was my first time getting a martial art fitness training and I wasn’t sure if this is something I am capable of.But I am so happy to find you as a trainer as you made it feel so comfortable even though I sweat out to push for more.Your observation and attention to detail to make every move perfect is very impressive.

I never realized my capabilities and all thanks to your training methods. The explanation behind every jab, cross and kick really helps focus. You are an awesome fighter and great coach.Well done.


I had a really pleasant experience working out with Anwitha.

She plans workouts according to where a person is health wise.

She was lenient unlike other health instructors, which made it easy to communicate my problems or concerns with her. Her sessions fit well onto my schedule and all the training she provided was easy to understand yet challenging to do which is great for a workout.

~Nawal Ubaid

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